Minimal Supportable Product—A Concept

A minimal viable product (MVP) is a version of a product, project, or concept with just enough features to satisfy early customers. It‘s a way of testing and iterating, popularized by the author and consultant Eric Ries.

↳ Minimal Viable Product

But for innovation inside a complex organization, I found the framework lacking. As with most concepts out of the startup-to-consultancy-pipeline, it lacks a way of interfacing with the structure of the organization and its dark matter.

The implementation or embedding of projects into wider company is of vital importance, especially if the goal is some kind of transformation. This is why I‘ve been thinking about how the idea of an MVP could be expanded.

↳ Minimal Supportable Product—a sketch

My suggestion would be something like a minimal supportable product or (MSP). An MVP that is embedded from the start in the organization and can not only be iterated along with the user‘s need but also the organization‘s capabilities, while also transforming both. It also acknowledges the vital loop of product and infrastructure.

Products and projects need the political will, the people (developers, designers, etc.), the tools and the technical infrastructure to build and maintain it. Building this infrastructure is often an implicit part of innovation, but for complex organizations it has to be explicit to be successful.