Space10 Playbook—Space10 has always been a favorite of mine. The external innovation lab of IKEA has not only published some great work, they also have one of the clearest missions for a „innovation lab“, at least for what I‘ve seen so far.

Legible Practices—A collection of methods and case studies of work by the Helsinki Design Lab. Written to be used not to as marketing material. (free PDF or Print on Demand)

In Studio: Recipes for Systemic change—A longer collection of the studio model for innovation the Helsinki Design Lab used. It focusses on diving deep into the problem and trying to understand the underlying trends rather then simply sprinting your way to a solution. (free PDF or Print on Demand)

Dark Matter and Trojan Horses: A Strategic Design Vocabulary—Dan Hills long essay on strategic design. It‘s written for designers and architects, but is ultimately applicable to everyone finding themselves in the unfortunate position of trying to change an organization. Hill focusses on ways and means of designing the context of work. Published by Strelka it‘s available on Amazon, as well as some eBook version on different platforms. You might have to look around a bit.


Make Maintainers: Engineering Education and an Ethics of Care—Andrew Russells and Lee Vinsels important critique of „innovation“ and the importance of maintenance and care for societies.