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Linked Notes

A list of things I found pretty useful when researching how to build and steward a design system at the Media Lab Bayern. Please note that this project did not include a component library of code base, which is why these recommendations won‘t touch on these subjects


Expressive Design Systems (2019) von Yesenia Perez-Cruz, A Book Apart [Link]

  • Absolutely excellent book when it comes to the implementation, structuring and stewarding of a design system.


Creating Etsy’s Design Principles

  • Helpful example of what design principles might look like and how to write them (it involves a lot of back and forth with stakeholders)

Tips For Managing Design Systems

  • A couple of rather basic but important tipps for implementing and stewarding a design system.

Picking Parts, Products & People

  • This is a neat little team exercise for figuring out which parts your new design system actually needs

Why design systems fail

  • A helpfull consideration of the multiple reasons for design system failure. Especially when considering if such a system is worth the effort in the first place.